Volunteer Opportunities as Mission

USA Today had an entire section devoted to volunteerism. They report that millions of people, particularly those under the age of 40, are looking for opportunities to serve their communities.

I think that this is why Jesus often asked people to help him as a means to share the good news of the Kingdom. Jesus, in John 4, asks the Samaritan woman to give him water. Jesus, in Luke 5, asks Peter to steer his boat. Throughout the ages, countless Christians invited their secular neighbors to assist and join them in their efforts to bless the world.

There is a growing sense of restlessness in America. The shallowness of possession based identity and the consuming pain of greed have taken their toll. Americans are increasingly looking to be part of something that "matters". Something that gives their lives purpose and gives them legacy. While this is still miles away from the "other" centered love that Jesus modeled, it invites people to experience the joy of blessing others. It is a great way to expose non-Christians to a practical demonstration of the love of God.

Does your church offer opportunities for non-Christians to assist in blessing your community? If someone was looking for a volunteer opportunity, would they find that in your church? Lets begin to look at ways in which the church can bless our communities and at the same time, invite or collaborate with those who desire to find purpose in volunteering.

Lets bless our communities and invite the community to be part of the solution.

God bless,

Pastor M Traylor
Dr. M TraylorComment