Come join us on our journey, 
we'd love to meet you!

Sundays at New Hope Free Methodist Church
62 North Union Street, Rochester, NY 14607

10:30 AM


Hey, welcome to New Hope Free Methodist Church's website.

Whether you stumbled on this page by accident, or you searched for us and finally found us, we're just glad you're here! I'm sure you're curious, or you wouldn't be reading this. It's my hope that by scouting around our site you can answer some basic questions like:

  • What does this church believe and how can I expect to be treated?
  • Is church still important for today?
  • What does it mean to be a Christian anyway?
  • Who are you?

These and other questions can be found by scrolling through the site. There are some practical details too, like

  • service times,
  • ministries to support and ways to serve,
  • recent and archived messages (see the Sermons page).

Soon we'll be upgrading all of this and will include some very intentional next steps that will help you discern exactly where you fit and how to plug in. Until then, check it out, and then email me if you have questions that aren't clear. I'd love to connect with you. Maybe we'll talk soon! Until then ... we're here for you.

~ Pastor Scott

New Hope is launching into a new season of ministry. A new vision and renewed focus are yielding to excitement about becoming more involved with the people of Rochester's urban landscape. 

Our vision is to be a hub of life transformation that brings the hope of Jesus Christ into all four quadrants of the city. 

We know God works through people, and we intend to engage those He loves where they are at, sharing life and being real. We want to inspire hope and encourage belief in the authentic Jesus. As we do, we recognize we also need to prepare to receive people. We are also launching a capital campaign to help make improvements to our building. Over the next six weeks we'll lay out the vision, talk about God's plan for stewardship and giving, and offer specific opportunities for you to be involved.

We'd love to see you.