Sunday Cafe

New Hope will be offering a different type of service this Fall. Sunday Cafe begins on Sunday evening, September 13th at 6:30PM. It is an opportunity for worship, fellowship, and discussion in a casual enviroment.

Each week, the Cafe will be centered around answering a specific question. The questions are supplied by people in the community who are responding to our "God, I have a question" postcards, as well as common questions from the membership of New Hope.

Interestingly, the goal of the Cafe is not to "get the right answer to the questions" as much as it is to understand how the question itself, and the assumptions in the question, relate to the overall plan of God. This means embracing not only the Word of God, but the mystery of God as well.

The overall goal is to further equip believers and to encourage those seeking to know God to a deeper encounter with God.

Please consider attending and inviting friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Have a Blessed Holidy,

Pastor Mike
Dr. M TraylorComment