Jacob Bradley Baxter


April 12, 1986-August 4 2014

Jake was first and foremost a man of God, a loving husband to Chrissy and a model father to Ruthie, Nadia, and Chase. He refused to allow complacency to dominate any aspect of his life, constantly pushing himself and others to be better. He wanted to serve the Lord with all he had and wanted the same for those around him. He understood genuine worship and led worship beautifully, in his actions as well as his music.

At 28 years of age, Jake's maturity often defied logic as he was looked to as a mentor and even father-figure by many who were much older. He was incredibly humble, undaunted by circumstances, as resourceful as they come, and down to earth.

He was willing to follow his convictions, no matter how they fit into the plans he had. When the Holy Spirit led him to a radical lifestyle, he responded; the community house stands as a tribute to his childlike faith. He lived his life by example, and we cherish the impact his life had on all of us.

He loved sharing his faith and offered his humor, or interjected a challenging and timely thought at just the right time to make anyone he was with feel both at ease and  contemplative. He was passionate about seeing young people live their lives fully for Jesus Christ and about improving community. These qualities will continue to shine through those Jake has left behind and speak as a true testament to the love he demonstrated while with us. His vision will not end here.

For those who wish to help further this mission, an account has been set up on gofundme.com. Please follow this link for details: http://www.gofundme.com/Untimely-Loss

Anyone who wants to purchase a Memorial DVD, t-shirt, or bracelet may do so here. The proceeds will go to the Baxter family.