We have discovered at least for now Jacob's Memorial Service is viewable on the event link. B & C Films, the ones who wonderfully recorded and streamed the Memorial Service, are offering DVD's of the service for $10 each or $13 dollars to have the DVD mailed to you. We are planning to order DVD's for anyone who wants them as long as you cover the cost of the DVD. Any extra money donated will go to Jake Baxter's memorial fund. We are also offering T-shirts with "Change the world..." On the front and quote Micah 6:8 on the back "Act justly. Love kindness. Walk humbly with our God" That were originally offered at the memorial picnic. The suggested donation for the T-shirts is $15 with a minimum donation of $5 to cover costs if you pick it up in person 8 dollars to mail it. Weare also looking into $2 "Change the World..." bracelets. We at New Hope thank you for honoring Jake by attending in person or online. We all mourn his loss on this earth and look forward to seeing him again in the next. Until then, do as he did. Be crazy enough to follow God wherever he leads you. Act Justly, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly With Our God. Change the World...


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