Radical Faith

In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:33

The essence of the Christian faith is radicalness.  The very language that Jesus uses to describe that nature of our relationship with God, through faith is countercultural and in opposition to the cultural norms of the day.  He challenged his listeners to understand their priorities and loyalties by describing  the relationship in terms like Kingdoms and followership. 

There is a tendency to domesticate faith.  There is a tendency to fit it into our current values and priorities.  We want a reasonable faith.  We want a decent faith, but are intimidated by a dynamic one.  We are tempted to select a faith that affirms our goals, instead of one that defines and directs our dreams. 

Jesus calls his adherents to an "all or none" type of commitment.  He states that unless his followers are willing to give up everything, they should rethink the commitment.  Contemporary thinkers are tempted to spiritualize this and say that Jesus was simply speaking to spiritual paradigms and mental mindsets, but the reality is that Jesus' callings do require radical commitments to Jesus, His way, His truth, and His life.  It will cost you everything.

How radical is your faith?  How much are you willing to give to follow Jesus?  Your job?  Your comfortable way of life?  Your relationships?

Today, Jesus challenges our willingness to truly follow by asking us if we are truly radical.

God bless,

Pastor M Traylor

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