Making Waves

This Christmas season, I have been greatly impacted by the drive and determination of one of the members of the congregation that I serve.  Kaela is not one of the officers of the church, nor does she have a powerful civic post, but she is a determined teenage follower of Jesus.

Kaela is leading an effort within our congregation to raise money this Christmas season to drill wells in Haiti.  She is deeply inspiring as she has personally been convicted that God is calling us to make a difference in the devastated nation of Haiti by simply offering clean, reliable water.  Approximately 60,000 people in Haiti have been affected by the scourge of cholera which is directly connected to a tainted water supply.

Kaela's presentations have shown her passion and her deep grief for the people of Haiti.  The burden that God has placed in her heart is evident and I find my heart breaking as she shows us that to celebrate Jesus is to minister to him in Haiti, because Jesus said what ever you have done to the least of these you have done to me.  This has resulted in raising of at least $1000 towards the project in about 3 weeks.

On her facebook account this week, she wrote:

“We looked up well costs today, and for a well to be drilled in Haiti it would cost $2000. I believe that in faith, Lord willing, we could raise one thousand more dollars this Sunday, but it would take an act of God.”

I believe that we often put an emphasis on Christmas for works of service.  I believe that as Jesus was a gift from God, we celebrate by giving gifts, not just to loved ones, but those whose situations are literally breaking God's heart.

Kaela's influence on me and the entire congregation is not based upon the works alone, but by the works that she has now inpsired that are affecting people in Rochester, Western New York, and even in Rwanda.  Because she was open to the leading of God's spirit, suddently others became more open and the waves rippled on.

Scripture reads:

2 Cor 5:14

For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died

Although Jesus' work is undisputed, his influence reverberated throughout the world because that work inspired and compelled others to accomplish beautiful things. 

This holiday season, lets pray that your works, like Kaela's would be a blessing to others, but even more significantly, that those works would inspire a few, or even a community towards greatness.

May God bless you on this Christmas day.

Pastor M Traylor

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