Open Letter to Presidential Candidates

Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor
Romans 13:7

This is an open letter to presidential candidates of all parties.

Dear Presidential Candidates,

As we approach the 2012 presidential campaign, I recognize that your schedules are filled with campaign meetings, appearances, and fundraising.  I can not imagine the pressure and the heavy burden that you must feel, in order to pursue the office of the president.  The responsibility is immense and the influence is incredible.  Due to that, I am committed to praying for you.

As I have begun to hear the campaign rhetoric, slogans, and propaganda, I thought that there a couple things you need to know about me, and the thousands (maybe millions) of people who approach this election, along with the elections before this with angst and a persistant case of pessimism.  My hope is that if you take the time to understand me, it will influence your approach to the office of President, and the responsibilities inherent in that office.

I hope you will excuse my bluntness, but I am trying to be concise:

1. I am not impressed with anything you say.  Soundbites, media clips tend to provide image over information.  I am impressed by what you do.  In fact, what you do speaks so loudly, that I can't hear what you are saying.

2. I am not convinced that what you say is wrong is actually wrong.   Just because you think that an issue is important, doesn't mean is actually is.  As someone who sees real people in real struggles, I find that they have a significantly different set of priorities.

3. Simplicity in the face of complexity is condescending.  Many issues are very complex with thousands of moving parts.  Please do not try to over simplify.  Thoughtful, comprehensive approaches to issues are preferred over catchy, slogan-rich superficial policies.  Go deep, not just wide.  Your need for simplicity insults our intelligence.

4. Everytime you "blame-storm" and point the finger at someone or something without coming up with a cohesive plan for that particular issue, you appear incompetent.  I need to know what you are for, not simply who you are against.

5. I need a leader who shows love, compassion, justice, and integrity.  Yes, I dared to say that I want a leader who is human.  I need a leader who is passionate about something other than themselves or causes that help themselves.  I need a leader who cares about the least, the lost, and the last. 

6. Your speaking about your religiousity sets you up for further scrutiny.  If a leader tells me he is a follower of Jesus, then its an issue of integrity to follow the teachings of Jesus.  If you do not desire that, then keep your beliefs to yourself.

7. Although the economy is your god, its not mine.  While I understand that economic state of the nation is the key influence of the voting masses, I also recognize that the economy is influenced by many things outside of the policies of the president as we are part of a global community.  Your approach to the economy, care for the prosperity of the average people, and development of opportunities for the poor speaks volumes to me. 

8. I am electing a leader, not a follower.  Your willingness to challenge your party's platform or even agree with the sound policies of your competitors demonstrates leadership.  If you go along party lines and never take a stand for something that may not be popular, but is the right thing for the people of America, I see weakness.

I have chosen not to be specific or give examples of my points as I simply desire you to hear me.  I want you to understand that I want the best leader for the nation I love, and am tired of the pathetic process that the election has become.  I am asking you to dare to be different, courageous, and transparent.  I could support a President like that.

God bless,

Pastor M Traylor