10 Summer Reads that can change your life!

As many of you know, I love to read and share readings that I find particularly insightful.  Summer is often a time when people find time to read an interesting book or two.  I wanted to make ten suggestions regarding particularly interesting books that you may wish to engage this Summer.

1. Naked Spirituality by Brian McClaren
This book takes the process of spiritual formation and identifies how we grow in our relationship with God.  Raw, honest, and authentic.  For anyone who has wondered why their experience of God has not been smooth.  Highly recommended.

2. The Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton
Provocative writing that connects the act of worship with being an agent of social justice.  He explains how we have developed false types of worship that are divorced from the things that actually matter to God.  Well written and convicting.

3. The Social Animal by David Brooks
Creative book that looks at how people develop social skills and process emotion.  Funny but articulate.  Not written in a scientific style, but definitely built upon solid science. The author shows how we are created for social interaction

4. The Wisdom of Stability by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Passionate book about the gift of being where you are.  The author shows how God gives us stability as a gift and that this is contrary to our hypermobile society.  Incredibly useful book for those who are busy and ambitious.

5. Afterschock by Robert Reich
Former US Secretary of Commerce talks about the economy, the reasons for its faltering, and the essence of challenge of building a strong economy.  Hint: its about why income disparity is the root of most of our economic woes.  Eye opening and gives a great foundation for anyone who wants seeks an understanding of a complex issue.  Provocative and insightful.

6. Mobilizing Hope by Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor is a former writer for sojourners who does a masterful job explaining what it takes for a hope centered movement to develop.  A true encouragement for those who are interested in social movements or faith based organizations.

7. Why Jesus? by William Willimon
Bishop Willimon is a United Methodist Bishop who takes a provocative look at Jesus in ways that we are tempted to over look.  Chapters such as Jesus, the home wrecker speak volumes about his style.  The tone of this book is highly encouraging as it effectively defines Jesus of Nazareth in a contemporary, but Biblical style.

8. Present Perfect by Greg Boyd
Professor and Pastor Greg Boyd writes about being present to God and God being present to us.  Alarmingly powerful book about experiencing God in the here and now.  Get ready to change the way you experience God's presence after you read this!

9. Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola
Recentering the person of Jesus in all that we do is the premise of this challenging book.  Invigorating and provocative, but deeply Biblical.  Recommended for any Christian desiring renewal and revitalization.

10. A Credible Witness by Brenda Salter-McNeil
A vision for the multi-cultural Kingdom of God that is brilliant and inspiring.  Honest look at the Biblical approach towards cultural and ethnic division.  Great read!

God bless,

Pastor M Traylor
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