Praying for an inner-Buster

Don't act nervous!
Because Dogs can smell fear!
Urban legend.

Buster, my dog

This morning, like hundreds before it, I got up before the sun had fully risen and was met by Buster, our dog.  Buster is a 4 and 1/2 yr old Basenji and German Shepherd mix.  Usually he greets me or my wife Amelia in the hallway and stretches before coming downstairs and going out in the back yard to relieve himself and get a lay of the land. 

This morning was different.  Buster was already up and anxious.  Instead of his calm stretching there was a nervous pacing up and down the hallway.  Now, Buster is typically afraid of storms but the sky was relatively calm at the time.  When I got downstairs, instead of slowly ambling to the door, he cautiously went to the door and assumed a croaching position.  When I opened the door, he shot out of the door, and began his traditional Basenji Yodel mixed with a growl I had never heard before.  Buster is usually very friendly to the forrest animals around.  We have Phyllis (we named her) the deer that terrorizes Amelia's flowers, and a variety of other squirrels, ground hogs, and birds that he is mostly curious about.  However, today was different.  When I looked up, I saw the object of Buster's rage: A coyote just outside of our fence.

I do not know how Buster knew because he could not have seen the coyote from upstairs, but somehow he recognized the danger was there and took precautions to protect his turf and his house from this threat.  Coyotes can be very dangerous to small children and pets, and buster ran to the fence and attacked as if there was no fence there at all (If dogs just had a larger cerebral cortex, he would not have made that mistake).  The coyote initially growled by fled.

His actions today made me desire more of the Holy Spirit's intuition to see danger and deal with it in everything that I do.  How I wish that we had an inner-Buster when dealing with relationships, financial transactions, and career responsibilities. A sense of danger or a threat to our health and wellness should set of an alarm or sense of hostility, like in Buster.

The Bible says the Holy Spirit will guide us and make judgements in regard to right things, wrong things, and true things (John 16:10).  I pray that you would hear his voice and be on guard against things that seek to destroy.

May God bless you,

Pastor M Traylor

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