Distortions of Intimacy

"I really dont like sex, but I do it cause he wants it, even though he's nasty"
15 yr old young woman in Rochester

Case after case presents in clinics and healthcare centers across the country.  Adolescents come and share their concerns regarding their reproductive health.  They have been taught by their schools and communities to recognize the symptoms of a variety of diseases and disorders of the private kind.  They come with concerns of chlamydia or herpes, and the dreaded HIV infections.  I am glad that they have been taught at some level to recognize disease, but I am saddened even more that they have never had health modeled.

The young adults that I am coming in contact with are not only having physical maladies, but also disturbing and pathological relationships.  The introduction of sexual intimacy at an early age truly distorts any understanding of a healthy relationship.  In the Rochester, NY community, (and I would assume that Rochester does not have the corner on this market), I interveiw young woman after young woman giving her body away in ways that they themselves find disgusting and disrespectful.  They often understand that sex is dehumanizing and they are giving a product in return for the social recognition that they are in a relationship.  So, multiple diseases, emotionally disassociative physical contact, and coercive (emotionally, socially, as well as physically) participation in sexual relations are the norm.  This becomes what relationships are!

Can we get fed up?  Can we mourn for the younger generation, beset with horrendous models for sexuality, devoid of the rich spirituality in which sex was created for?  Can we get angry at forums that incubate this false sense of sexuality such as MTV, BET, and all of the "family shows" that are porn-lite for our children.

This morning, I cry for the young people in Rochester, who have no idea of their worth, no concept of their purpose, no appreciation for the sacredness of their intimacy, and no living hope. 

I pray that I may be part of movement that demonstrates the profound love of God  and His love and dignity imparting grace in families.  I pray that God will continue to heal brokenness by empowering redeemed people to share their stories, demonstrate His power, and participate in authentic community.

May God bless you,

Pastor M Traylor 
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