Desire for Democracy

Desire for Democracy

This week, the news reported that health care reform may die in congress.  For those who are not politically astute, this means that a bill may not be voted upon because the estimated number of votes needed to pass it are not present.  This was met with a sigh of relief by both democrats and republicans.

Democrats are sensing that the healthcare bill is not only unpopular for a number of different reasons, but if passed, may tarnish their ability to be re-elected.  Republicans, despite considering themselves as being more fiscally responsible, are excited that defeat is a political win against a very popular president.

The loser once again, is you.  That's right, you lose!  Healthcare costs continue to drive up the deficit (that our children and grandchildren will have to bear), nearly 40% of Americans are uninsured or underinsured, and healthcare access in many areas of the nation has become impossible.  What's fascinating is that we, the citizens of the United States, know that the system is broken and that as a consequence, our fellow citizens are often suffering from some of the most treatable health problems.  I understand that the approach to healthcare reform is multi-faceted, but this is yet another example of the impotence of the current political structures to make real change.

What I desire is real democracy.  The desire to have the will of the common person expressed and guarded.  I listened to many of the healthcare forums.  These were not forums with information that was accurate and balanced, but political mudslinging that caused fear and suspicion instead of significant change.  The agenda was set by the political parties, lobbies, and the companies behind them.

Why aren't American's concerned that the Supreme court just overturned rulings that limited corporate financing of campaigns.  As it is, the corporations and their lobbyists have much more of a significant voice than you or I.  While the history of America, is one in which the government often intervenes on behalf of corporations, we are now tightening this relationship, to the detriment of average American's voice in government.

Regardless of how you feel about healthcare, our current political system makes it difficult to even express you decision, much less take part in an open exchange of ideas regarding a particular topic. 

I challenge you to:

1. Find out the real facts.  Seek non-partisan, non-profit organizations as a source of information.
2. Stop getting your facts from forwarded emails.  Most of these are wrong and antedotal. 
3. Define political success as a process or event that makes America more united and responsible, not whether your particular party had success in getting elected.

God bless you,

Pastor M Traylor
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