things I think I think...

Things I think I think

This is one of those blogs when I have a couple things on my mind that I want to say and get your opinion on. This is one of these times when you have some feelings and thoughts that are not completely concise and well articulated, but you still feel the need to express. So here are the things that I think I think:

1. Church people and church programs spend a lot of energy trying to be nice, as opposed to being loving. Niceness is polite, charming, and even kind. It provides harmony and the ability to work with one another. Love is a whole different animal. It is vulnerable, self-sacrificing, forgiving, forbearing, and even painful. Love exacts a price from us, and it is why we choose niceness over and against love.

2. People are looking for a community where they can be real. By real, I am suggesting an authenticity. Authenticity is the ability to express yourself in a way that is true to your true self and know that you are accepted. Not that you are perfect, but you are accepted, lumps and all, because we have been accepted by God through the work of Jesus. Sometimes, we spend a lot of time trying to be something that we are not and holding others to the same standards. The authentic Christian community strives to first be a group that understands itself as similar in sin, united in Grace, and immersed in sanctification.

OK, now for some non-church stuff I think I think

3. When men enter a men's restroom that does not have urninals, we tend to get frightened that we have gone into the wrong restroom. In two such bathrooms in the past 2 weeks, I noticed that men would go into the bathroom, and immediately come out to check the door. Its disorienting.

4. Baseball is a dying sport. According to ESPN statistics, young people are tuning out baseball at huge levels. The percentage of youth involved is significantly reduced when compared to a generation ago. Another interesting statistic is that baseball leaders (managers, coaches, etc) are among the least educated (obtained college degrees) when compared to every major sport. As the world has increased its pace, I believe it has outpaced baseball.

5. Lets stay out of Iran. It is our involvement in the middle east that has hugely contributed to the current problem. Our support of Shah of Iran and his exploitive approaches, then our support of Iraq through Saddam Hussein. We supported him in his war against Iran. Then our war with Iraq and our continued occupation. Let them work out their own revolution and be free from outside influence unless they specifically ask for international help!

6. I walked through downtown Chicago yesterday (the magnificent mile) and made a point to apologize to everyone that I bumped into and spoke to everyone who I made eye contacts. People actually responded with smiles, head nods, or speaking. I do not know if that will work in NYC, but it restored my faith that people in even the most urban of cities, desire contact and affirmation. Try it sometime.

7. I do not have enough energy to twit well. I do not know what things I do are news worthy and which are just plain boring. I tend to think of the latter, so I do not twit often.

Well, just a few things I think I think.

Let me know what you think,

Pastor M Traylor
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