Truth and Consequences
Its always interesting to me that we feel as if we need to place blame on somebody or something. It is as if there is a sense of justice that is not satisfied, unless someone or something has taken the blunt of blame. For instance, even though things were handled poorly in the interventions of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago, very few people talked about the damage that occurs whenever there is a category 5 storm. We even spent time blaming the storm on others (global warming tendencies, etc). All this to say that we often feel the need to blame someone when something does not go right.
My wife is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist. These are the most sued medical providers, and their malpractice insurance is incredibly high. The reason for the escalation in cost is that when a baby is born with any kind of defect, many families want to know "Whose fault is that?". It is as if bad things can not happen to good people. Our attitude suggests that there must be blame. There is no justice if there is no blame!
We forget that Biblically speaking, we are all to blame. Jeremiah 2:19 states "Your wickedness will punish you, your backsliding will rebuke you". The consequence of "sin" is sin itself. It is not "God's Wrath", but the consequence of turning from God. According to scripture, there was a time when God, humanity, and this world were all in harmony. However, when humanity turned from God, the world turned from us. This is why justice involves continual condemning of one another. Justice is a deeply Biblical value, but we must recognize that justice is triumphed by mercy. Mercy, the granting of pardon, is the means that God reconnects with humanity and His world. Christian narrative explains that God sent His one and only son, Jesus to pay for the sins of humanity (justice), so that people can receive the mercy of God. Without justice, there is no mercy. Without mercy, there is no connection.
All this to suggest that today, we take a moratorium on blaming. We seek to understand our own responsibility and freely confess our complicity. Your boss may be mean, but haven't you been mean or disrespectful to someone else. Treat others with the grace and mercy that you desire or, have already experienced. Remember, all sin is the result of sin. This means, that there is sin today perpetuated by your previous actions, words, or inactions. Experience the grace of God that is yours in Jesus, and then extend it to others. This truth will set you free!
God bless you,
Pastor M Traylor