Spiritual Boredom

Spiritual Boredom

Today, I began a new sermon series for my wonderful Church family (www.christcommunityfellowship.org). Its based upon the experience of so many Christians today who have a boring faith. Now, I am not saying the the Christian Faith is boring, but I do feel that the experience of the average American Christian has become stale, predictable, and frankly, boring.

We have a difficult time getting people to come to all kinds of church functions for a whole host of reasons. People are busy, too tired, unsure of the value, etc. However, the one thing that affects our desire is in the experience itself. What if the Bible study, the prayer gathering, or the service project is just not stimulating? What if it really does not stimulate the mind, encourage the heart, and empower my hands.

Jesus stated explicitly in John 10:10 that he came to give us an abundant life. He came so that we would learn what it meant to truly live and what it means to be fully alive. Our experience with Jesus should make us more alive instead feeling ened and numb.

I believe that we are missing the spirit of adventure that is found in following Jesus. I believe we are missing this, because we are often taught that our Christian faith only deals with accepting timeless truths, instead of following a living Lord and Savior. Acceptance is passive, while following is active. Truths, doctrines, and creeds are abstract. Following requires a relationship, which at once is personal, vibrant, and dynamic.

Following Jesus is the essence of becoming his disciples. The book of James states that even Demons believe in God and shudder, but that our faith demands action. It is the action that is inspired by God's Spirit within us, and His work through us that brings the adventure. It is leaving the safety of living for yourself and following Jesus while he blesses you and makes you a blessing. That kind of life is unpredictable, but exhilirating. This is the life that Jesus desires for those who wish to follow him.

If you are a Christian, I want to challenge you to examine your life for the "adventure factor". How exciting is your faith? Are you suffering from spiritual boredom? IF you are not a Christian, but interested in learning more about living life fully, do not hesitate to contact me on the website above for more info.

May God bless you all,

Pastor M Tralor