How can we help you serve?

Who are deacons?

Deacons are members in good standing in the Free Methodist Church. They are persons of good reputation, wisdom and the Spirit, whose spiritual gifts from God have been confirmed by their local churches. In response to God's call on their lives, deacons offer servant-leadership in particular areas of congregational life, according to the gifts and graces God has given and they have developed. Complementing the work of elders, deacons serve the local church by assisting and leading the membership to carry out its ministries to one another and the world.

Deacons tend to lead in areas of:

  • care and mercy
  • worship and music
  • administration and organization
  • spiritual nurture and council
  • outreach and service
  • as well as many others

At New Hope, the deacon team organizes or is highly involved in:

  • a fund to bless the community in emergency situations
  • a directory to help people find various social service ministries and programs
  • An emergency food pantry to help those with immediate hunger issues 
  • the website and technical aspects of worship 
  • childcare
  • small groups 

 If you need the help of the deacon team contact us at