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Led by Mabel & Andre Primus (
Join us on 2nd and 4th Sundays at 5pm starting Sunday, October 22
The Primus Home (488 Alexander St)

We'll share a potluck meal and then take a few minutes of reflection on things we have and things we need. We'll share our haves and needs in turn. Over dessert, we will mingle and those who have what others need will have the opportunity to say so! We'll end with prayer and a word of encouragement.

David Rybka
Practical Spiritual Formation and Growth.png

Led by Chrissy Baxter (
Tuesday evenings at 7pm
Philia Beechwood Community House (296 Rosewood Ter)

We  will focus on "practical spiritual formation and growth."  Discussions will be focused on 3 main questions, in the following order:

1) Who are you right now? This would include strengths, weaknesses, gaps, patterns.
2) in light of the answer to question 1, who do you see God moving you to be? (This will look at BEING not DOING.  Who is God moving you to BEcome?)
3) Based on 1&2, let's make an action/growth plan on one thing you can do to walk toward that person.  How can we support each other in this growth process?

David Rybka
Creation Care.jpg

Led by Sammy ( & Celeste Song (
Sunday evenings from 5-7 PM
Chateau Song

We will be nurturing together a spirit of awe and wonder at God's vast creation. Growing things and working with soil (no prior experience required) as well as appreciating nature will be one medium for doing this, but we will also be exploring the beauty of art, world cultures, and people from various walks of life. Most of all, we will value each other as part of God's creation by making a safe space for community, food, and conversation.

David Rybka
Word-Centered Life.jpg

Led by Wes & Jen Becker (
Sunday mornings at 9 AM
New Hope Free Methodist Church

Each week, members will commit to reading, meditating, memorizing, studying, etc., specific scriptures of their own choosing. We will be creative and offer ideas to explore various Word-Centered exercises. When we gather in our meeting we will then have an open discussion about our experience with God’s Word the previous week: what did we read? how did we go about reading? did we hear God speaking to us - encouraging, convicting, commanding, etc? can we better serve God and others as a result? Through the grace of mutual openness and accountability, we will become better disciples of the living Word, Jesus.

David Rybka
When God Doesn't.jpg

A conversation starter for people with chronic health issues and their partners.

Led by Pastor Amanda Holdridge (716) 208-1883,
Every other Monday at 6:30pm starting Monday, October 9th
Beacon Community House (280 Rosewood Terrace)

As Christians, we know that God can and does heal. We hear him called The Great Physician, our healer. But what about when God doesn’t heal? For many of us, the reality is not one of instant healing. We deal day in and day out with real physical and/or mental illnesses that God does not heal with the traditional idea of healing, and so do the people who love us.

Come be a part of a conversation starter that hopes to engage this idea by looking alternately at stories and passages of scripture and our own stories. Help us come together as a community of support and grow in our faith in a God who loves us passionately in our brokenness.

David Rybka