Chrissy and Andrew Waldo

Theme:  Sermon Based Discussions and whatever else our group decides on :)
Location:  296 Rosewood Ter, Rochester, NY 14609 (NE Rochester)
Day:  Tuesdays
Time:  6:45-8:00 pm
Kids:  Yes, kids are welcome, no extra childcare provided
Bio of Hosts: We are parents to 3 young kids (8, 6, 4) and work in young adult ministry with some jobs on the side. We’re passionate about pursuing a Biblically-driven life… also playing strategy board games. We are silly and serious because life is too short to be too much of either one.  We are looking forward to another season of meeting new people and going deeper with those we know!

Earlando and Marjorie Thomas

Theme:  In addition to the regular activities practiced in a small group, we would like to see members of the small group supporting each other in practical ways such as using their gifts and expertise to help with projects in their homes and surrounding communities. This approach will allow us to interact directly with our members and the community and allow the Lord to work in and through us in practical ways.
Location:  206 Mill Stream Run Webster, NY 14580
Day:  2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Time:  6:30 pm
Kids: are most definitely welcome, but no separate childcare will be provided.
Bio of Hosts:  Earlando has been a Christian since 1975 and has a lifelong passion for medical and evangelical missions.  Marjorie has been a committed Christian since 1974 and is quite passionate about stewardship and hospitality.  Married for 32 years, we have two grown children, Jerome and Aimee. Earlando is a physician at Greece OBGYN, LLP and Marjorie is a Nutritionist and Medical Statistician. Being good stewards and practicing generosity are two virtues that are fundamental in guiding the way we live as a family.

Lisa and Tim Reyes

Theme: Sermon based discussions and making connections through our gifts and interests
Location:  7 Donlin Drive Rochester, NY 14624
Day:  Thursdays
Time:  6:00 (willing to change times based on the needs of the group)
Kids: Of course they’re welcome! Our 2 year old will be present.
Bio of Hosts: Tim is a case worker for CPS and Lisa is a speech pathologist for Rochester City school district.  We are parents to a sweet, energetic two year old. We enjoy learning new things and developing understanding through conversation.  We’d love to tackle some challenging topics as well as spend time and connect with people. We enjoy playing games, exploring new places, and good food and we’d love to incorporate that into our gatherings as well!

Men's Group

Theme:  Christian Support group for men to discuss issues that are impacting their lives.  
Facilitated by: Rev. Lynn Turner and Dr. Earlando Thomas.
Location:  New Hope FMC, 62 North Union Street, Rochester, NY 14607
Day:  3rd Wednesdays of the month
Time:  6:30 pm
Bio of Hosts:  Rev. Lynn Turner has been a Christian since 1966 and a ordained minister since 1984. Dr. Earlando Thomas has been a Christian since 1975 and has a lifelong passion for medical and evangelical missions.

Scott and Julia Sittig

Theme:  Community Building and Sermon Based Discussions - May also discover together concepts related to the Enneagram.
Location:  210 Seneca Parkway Rochester, NY 14613 (NW Rochester)
Day:  Fridays
Time:  6:30-8:30 pm
Kids: are always welcome, though our youngest is now 11 years old. We have two boys at home (11/13) and 3 away at school or in missionary service (5 kids total). We understand life with kids.
Bio of Hosts: Scott’s the pastor at New Hope FMC. Julia is a small business owner and growing social media expert. We both homeschool. We enjoy hanging out with people. We enjoy time with family, growing as disciples of Jesus Christ, and listening and encouraging others. We like to serve and will endeavor to find ways for our group to serve others together.