I Just Don't Get It

When our view of God disrupts our view of the world, what do we do? We can try to ignore the dissonance and escape, but God can always find us! We can simply submit out of shear obedience but still not capture the heart of God. We could reorient our perspective, but we must be prepared to uncover some significantly uncomfortable issues in our heart. Change is rarely ever easy.

In this short series, we’ll explore the challenges of aligning our view of God and our view of the world around us. As the story of Jonah highlights, if either one is warped, it can lead to all kinds of problems. In the end, the world might just change around us and leave us stewing in our own juices! Is it time for you to change? Do you have a right view of God and his love for the world? We’ll explore these and many other questions through the story of Jonah this September.

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