Living a Counter Cultural Life

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Living the Counter Cultural Life

The Christian life should be more than a profession of faith that doesn't really impact the way we live. It's more than do's and don'ts. An authentic Christian life is a whole life pursuit of becoming like Christ; a disciple - or as Dallas Willard used to say - "an apprentice." To do the things that Jesus did, and even greater things, requires we look more deeply into who He is, what He said and invited us to be part of, and examine more fully our heart, motives, patterns of thought and behaviors. John Wesley once said- 

"This is the religion we long to see established in the world, a religion of love and joy and peace, having its seat in the heart, in the inmost soul, but ever showing itself by its fruits." 

Our series will explore how to live this kind of life by studying the Sermon on the Mount as spoken by Jesus in the first book of the New Testament - the gospel of Matthew. 

David Rybka