Healthy Relationships


Do your relationships honor God? Do you draw strength from your relationships and are they thriving? Whether you are married, single, a parent or a child (or both), a friend, an employee or whatever other role you find yourself in, we are relational beings.  We are relational in nature precisely because we are made in the image of God. God is love, and his desire is to share that love with us. He does that by inviting us into relationship with Him. Our relationships with others have the potential to reflect His example of relating to us. However, in most cases our human relationships fail to live up to the desires and goals we have for them precisely because we don't understand God's designs and expectations. This series will help us understand our relationships with others by looking at our relationship with God and unpacking the pitfalls the world puts in our minds that cause us to miss our full relational potential. #GodsnotGrey

David Rybka