Affordable Services provided by New Hope ILS

  • Adjustment of Status: Green Card Application

  • Green Card Renewal and Replacement

  • Work Authorization

  • DACA Renewal (with Work Authorization)

  • Family Visas (petitions, visa application, affidavit of support, guidance for consular processing)

  • Naturalization

  • Naturalization Information and Application Workshops

  • Naturalization Interview Preparation Classes

  • Certificate of Citizenship (Acquisition of citizenship for foreign-born children of naturalized LPRs)

  • Removal of Conditions of Residence for Spouse of USC

  • U.S. Passports

  • Visitor Visas to Homeland for Foreign Travel

  • Travel Documents (Refugee Travel Document, Advance Parole for LPRs and TPS recipients)

  • Temporary Protected Status (with Work Authorization)


Intake appointments with an ILS Clinic staff member and general consultations with the Legal Representative are free of charge.

To make an appointment, text us at (585)-760-4328 or email us at

The intake appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. During intake we ask how we can help you, we will photocopy your documents and record all of your information needed for your applications to USCIS (Immigration). Depending on the availability of our Legal Representative, following intake you may have a consultation with the Legal Rep. If not, we will make you an appointment with her as soon as possible following intake.

Bring all of the following documents that you have to your intake appointment:

    • All travel documents (Foreign passport, Refugee Travel Document, I-94, Visa, Refugee Letter)

    • Birth and marriage certificates

    • Green Card (I-551)

    • Certificate of Naturalization

    • Employment authorization card

    • I-797C letters from USCIS

    • Documentation from criminal court, if any

    • US Passport

There are low fees for the legal services provided by New Hope Immigration Legal Services. If needed, a payment plan may be considered. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

To see if you qualify for a USCIS Fee Waiver so that you don’t have to pay USCIS for your applications:
Bring the current IRS Federal Tax Returns and W-2s for all people in your home that are employed. If no taxes have been filed, bring 4 payroll documents of all employed adults. Also bring the birth certificates of all children or the Refugee Letter from the Department of State.

Please take the time to fill out an Intake Form before your appointment. At you appointment we will help you complete it.