Scott and Julia Sittig

Theme:  Community Building and Sermon Based Discussions - May also discover together concepts related to the Enneagram.
Location:  210 Seneca Parkway Rochester, NY 14613 (NW Rochester)
Day:  Fridays
Time:  6:30-8:30 pm
Kids: are always welcome, though our youngest is now 11 years old. We have two boys at home (11/13) and 3 away at school or in missionary service (5 kids total). We understand life with kids.
Bio of Hosts: Scott’s the pastor at New Hope FMC. Julia is a small business owner and growing social media expert. We both homeschool. We enjoy hanging out with people. We enjoy time with family, growing as disciples of Jesus Christ, and listening and encouraging others. We like to serve and will endeavor to find ways for our group to serve others together.