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A conversation starter for people with chronic health issues and their partners.

Led by Pastor Amanda Holdridge (716) 208-1883, apholdridge@gmail.com
Every other Monday at 6:30pm starting Monday, October 9th
Beacon Community House (280 Rosewood Terrace)

As Christians, we know that God can and does heal. We hear him called The Great Physician, our healer. But what about when God doesn’t heal? For many of us, the reality is not one of instant healing. We deal day in and day out with real physical and/or mental illnesses that God does not heal with the traditional idea of healing, and so do the people who love us.

Come be a part of a conversation starter that hopes to engage this idea by looking alternately at stories and passages of scripture and our own stories. Help us come together as a community of support and grow in our faith in a God who loves us passionately in our brokenness.

David Rybka