Weekend Host


  • Friendly, Respectful, Caring, Good Listener, Understanding, Supportive but not nosy, Positive

  • Flexible, but able to stick to and gently enforce a schedule

  • Attended RAIHN Training



Responsibilities: vary by shift

Saturday breakfast (8:00 – 10:00)

  • Bring in food/ingredients, save receipts for reimbursement

  • Prepare a full, hot breakfast  

  • Allow the guests to enjoy a little extra time to sleep, but ensure they are ready for ~9:45 bus pickup

  • Make sure the church is secure for the day


Sunday breakfast (7:30 – 9:30)

  • Bring in food/ingredients, save receipts for reimbursement

  • Set up ‘nice’ continental breakfast buffet: bagels, fruit, pastries, etc.

  • Help the guests move out of rooms according to transition schedule

  • Help resettle the guests in lounge, invite them to participate in our worship, but with no pressure to so


Sunday worship (9:30 – 11:30)

  • Guide the guests through Artisan’s Sunday routines

  • Help ensure the guests have some privacy, downtime as they choose

  • Help steer Artisan (and guest) families to Sunday School

  • Poke your head into worship occasionally


Sunday lunch (11:30 – 1:30)

  • Ensure some semi-private area is set off for the guests to eat (picnic table off to side of yard, or indoors in guest lounge)

  • Guide the guests through ‘Grill Together’ Line

  • Guests are welcome to participate in Artisan activites, but no pressure to do so

  • Help the guests carry stuff as needed and be ready for 1:30 bus pickup



  • Times as noted
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