International & Local Missionaries of New Hope Free Methodist Church

Kaela Sittig 

Kaela in Kenya

I’m Kaela. Jesus follower, dreamer, photographer, writer, introvert, and missionary. In 2014, I traveled to Kenya for the first time. It was my first out-of-the-country missions trip, and so different from what I expected it to be! In some wonderful way I couldn’t have imagined, God has woven my story together to lead me back to Kenya this year. It’s both thrilling and terrifying to be a on a faith-journey when you don’t know where you’ll end up. But, God keeps revealing more of who He is along the way, so somehow it’s going to all turn out. Jesus lead on! Kaela will be serving with the Olive Branch Mission and Lenkai Christian School in Kimana, Kenya for the next few months.

How You can get involved:

Elizabeth Primus


Did you know that out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones but only 4.5 billion people have access to working toilets?  Intestinal disease caused by contaminated water is the highest killer of children (Approximately 2 million) and adults (2-4 million) in the developing world. In Rwanda, because flush toilets require scarce water, pit toilets and improperly built septic tanks are often the rule.

GoClean is an organization that is dedicated to saving lives by providing clean sanitation and water, through “point of use” water purification and sewage technologies as well as education and training. It was founded by Elizabeth Primus, a hydro-geologist, in 2011. Elizabeth decided to study hydrology because she wanted to dig wells for people who need water. Her hydro-geology professor once said "many of you are going to end up as sewage engineers, but that's OK because sewage engineers have saved more lives than doctors." At the time she didn't think he was talking about her but after studying the problems with the water in Rwanda she realized that you can’t combat the diseases associated with contaminated water until you deal with sanitation issues. Specifically the cross contamination between sewage and drinking water.

GoClean is training people in Rwanda to build basins (composting toilets) and leading them to develop businesses building basins and teaching others to do the same.  The Bason (waterless toilet), developed by Johan van Lengen is a prototype based on technology diffused worldwide, transforming human waste into organic fertilizer. It is "waterless" because there is no use of water to flush and it is compostable once it passes a biochemical process where microorganisms and bacteria convert the waste into organic fertilizer without pathogens. It is "ecological" because of its natural biological cycles that do not pollute the environment. The Bason is inexpensive, costing an average of 70 USD to build and it is simple to build. 

Furthermore, GoClean is partnering with B9Plastics and Sawyer water filters to provide people with point of use water purification technology. One out of five people in East Africa dies from water contaminated by sewage and many more are sickened every day.The need for clean water and waste management in Rwanda is paramount. GoClean needs ongoing support for travel and supplies. This organization has the potential to benefit thousands of people.

how you can get involved:

  • Pray for Elizabeth and for GoClean
  • Donate through the church contribution page (Place "GoClean" in the memo)
  • Spread the word to others who may wish to support efforts to provide and maintain clean water
  • Buy jewelry from Elizabeth's etsy site (all profits from the sale of jewelry will go to the trip expenses)

Learn more at GoClean: Clean Water for Rwanda and


Christina Baxter



Campus Ambassadors is a Christian ministry in Rochester seeking to reach the Downtown City Campus of MCC. We have many events that young adults and adults can become involved with to reach out to the campus and the city.

how you can get involved:

    Campus Ambassadors is always looking for prayer partners, mentors, speakers, sponsors, snack-makers, service project ideas and volunteers. For more information, e-mail Christina Baxter and/or go to her website.

    M. André Primus


    RocShare is an organization that serves to help encourage the growth of alternative economies in Rochester, New York. It helps to connect people, businesses and community groups to promote and participate with each other in making Rochester a sharing city. It also organizes some events as a way of instigating and advertising the adoption of sharing systems.

    how you can get involved:

      If you want to be involved in RocShare you can send an email to Qualifications include optimism, dissatisfaction, and imagination. New Hope's ShareTribe account allows New Hope's community to post needs and goods/services to share.

      Facebook / Website / New Hope Sharetribe