1990 3March Prayer letter

88 Stewart St. Apt 3

Rochester, NY 14620

March 7, 1990

Dear New Hope Free Methodist Church Prayer Partner,

 We wish we weren’t so late in getting this "edition" out, namely so that you would have more time to ask God to work here in the city! Jen and I are becoming more and more convicted that God wants to act on behalf of the earnest prayers of his children. He wants to be held in highest honor, glorified by all. He wants to give His children cause to rejoice as we see Him tangibly at work in ours and others lives... and He wants us to be utterly dependent on Him. 

God is not only pleased to respond to our prayers, He changes us in the praying process. And so we are exhorted to pray!

 Again we want to say thank you for your prayers. Since the last writing, Jen and I have gone through some very stressful days and weeks, yet we are not down-in-the-dumps. God has encouraged us, and are thankful to have a part in this church-planting. It seems that God is giving many people (non-Christians) an interest, or curiosity in the new church. People have prayed that the people of the city would become familiar with the meeting place, and God answered by "providing" a dinner theatre in the building which has received extensive media coverage. Every obstacle that has arisen in the logistics of the myriad of details (printing of brochures, office space and remodeling,parking space) has seemed to melt away as God has been pleased to show his children that His resources are great. One of the occult groups that meets in the building literally left overnight-the owner doesn't know why they left. (We do!!!) We have even witnessed a miraculous healing of a woman with cancer...she now wants to come to our church! So yes, God is at work.

Here are some requests to help you pray more specifically in the next two months (we will have at least two more letters so that you can help get the church through the post-natal stage!) Please pray:

*that all involved (Pastor Delia, other leaders, the music team, the many Roberts Wesleyan College students involved in the CD Hour, etc) will be pure and humble before God so that He can best use us;

*that the Spirit of God will persuade many who receive the brochure to come to church;

*for our (Jen and I) neighbors in our apartment building (especially Jim and Ellen and their three little girls), as well as our extended network, that they may come to the new church;

*that March 18 will dawn as a wonderful day that compels people to think of God and going to church, and that God will spare some people who are prone to carousing on St. Patrick's night so that they will be able to rise on Sunday morning;

*that many people will hear the Word of God, turn from sin, and find new life and salvation in Jesus on March 18 and subsequent Sundays;

*for the intense follow-up that will need to happen immediately for all who attend services;

*for the "CD Hour" (Christian Development Hour) on Tuesday evenings when we will meet to start discipling new believers;

*that Jen and I would be able to start a relevant Bible study. For a few reasons, Jen and I weren't ready to start a Bible study for our non-Christian friends. As the church is born, we do want to serve in this way. Pray that my crazy work schedule may not interfere with this;

*that each week, new people may come to this church. There really are enough "sinners" in Rochester for this to happen. Ha! Pray that this church will daily be evangelistic;

*for our marriage; for spiritual, physical, and emotional strength and safety from the Enemy of our souls.

The purpose of the New Hope Free Methodist Church is; to present the life changing Hope of Jesus to the unchurched people of the City to teach unchurched people to grow in relationship with God and in community to help every individual discover, develop, and use his or her spiritual gift(s) for service through the church, and; to maintain a priority of outreach to unchurched people by proclaiming faith in Jesus, doing good works, and engaging in future church planting efforts.

May God be glorified,