1990 8August Prayer letter

Dear New Hope Free Methodist Church Prayer Partners,

The first summer at New Hope is quickly fading into Autumn. 

Because our God is powerful, we have confidence that the effects of the summer events at New Hope will not fade like a passing season but will continue to bear fruit that lasts for eternity.

You prayed that God would bless the "barren" summer months. For the months of June, July, and August we had an average of 75 people on Sunday mornings and 30 at the CD Hour (averages were 108 and 40 respectively since March). Not bad for what is not yet a 6 month old church! You prayed that God would bring new visitors to New Hope each Sunday. He continues to do this--five and ten at a time! Months ago you prayed that God would bless our mailing effort. Still today, in August, people are coming for the first time because of a brochure they received in March and April. You have been praying for spiritual growth and maturity in New Hope believers. . .it is happening in old and new believers alike. Some new believers are consciously making a choice to forsake wrong and unhealthy lifestyles. Others are taking joy in finding a "nitch" of service in the church and utilizing their spiritual gifts and talents (such as in children's ministries, parking, greeting, and ushering ministries; music, prayer, etc.). Many are benefiting from the solid teaching at the CD Hour. Many of us each week are taking great joy in just plain worshipping and fellowshipping on Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights; we have been refreshed by God's presence.

Once again we will ask you to pray, and we do so in the full confidence and conviction that God delights in answering prayers to the end that Jesus Christ is glorified before all people.

I. On September 9, 1990 (9/9/90), we are having a celebration 

Sunday on which we are not only celebrating our sixth month of life as a church, but we are also planning to re-launch our evangelistic effort in full force. As people gear up to go "Back to School," we are praying that many of the unchurched will at the same time go "Back to Church" In preparation for this, another mailing (with and invitation/brochure) will be received by close to 20,000 people in the city the week before 9/9/90. We have seen how God has used this mailing in many people's lives to bring them to church and then to Christ. 

Again, pray

-that the mailing will be received and processed in a timely manner by the post office

-that God would prepare the hearts of those people that 

-that God would give this mailing a long "shelf life" (i.e., that the brochures would remain in peoples homes and not get thrown away quickly)

-that 9/9/90 would see many, many new people come to New Hope and that they would respond to God's word and call.

-also... at the beginning of September Wes will be personally inundating the shops and stores of our part of the city with church brochures. Pray that business owners would be open to this and that these brochures will have an impact on many people.

II. Various philosophies and religions are prevalent in our area (as you know from the history of the German House). 

There are many people who are open to spiritual things, new ideas, etc., which are not orthodox and in many cases are anti-Christian. Many people in our area seem to be looking for some sort of power and energy higher than themselves, but they are not looking in the right place. In the past couple of months, I know of at least 9 people who have come to New Hope out of the above mentioned context. Some of them are now regular attenders; all of them stated to me how they enjoyed New Hope and that it was very different from anything they have experienced.

You have been praying that God would either remove the spiritualist church from the German House or convert the people; well, at this point in time God has been using it to draw some people into New Hope. A number of people have set out to go to the Spiritualist church but instead ended up at New Hope. We don't always know the reason for the mix-up, but we praise God because people hear about Christ.

We need you to pray effectively against the Enemy in regards to his grip on so much of our city and so many lives. Remember Ephesians 6:12 and pray accordingly.

-pray that at New Hope those seeking will find the True God, the one God who has all power but also has all love to meet their needs and longings.

-continue to pray against the Enemy and his hold and influence on the Spiritualist Church. Pray that on a receive them spiritual level the Enemy would be defeated--so that those caught up in that group might be saved, and so that the German House may be set apart for purposes which are pleasing to God.

III. Pray for Jeff VanNest, a leader in our music team. Jeff is starting his own school of music which will meet in the German House. Jeff and his team will be offering music lessons to the people of the community on a sliding-scale fee. Pray that administratively and financially this business would succeed and that God would use this as a means of bringing others to New Hope and to relationship with God. Pray also for God to provide the right tenants for the German House, whether it be another Christian business person, a Christian bookstore, etc. Pray for Agape Counseling Center, a Christian organization, which will be sub-letting from us at the German House

IV. On 8/31 and 9/1, about 15 leaders of the church will be on a retreat where Pastor Delia is going to teach us about the strategy of small group ("cell group") ministry. Out of necessity, God has clearly shown us that an effective small group ministry is the direction our church must go if we are to adequately disciple believers and keep people from falling through the cracks and out of the church. This is a vital undertaking, and we need God's Spirit to fill us all as we take our part. In effect, each small group leader will be responsible for the nurturing and discipling of his or her small group. Pray that this ministry would get off to a strong start so that the people of New Hope would be growing spiritually strong and healthy.

Thank you so much for your prayer support! Until two months from now...