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KNOWLEDGE - Knowing God as our Provider, the Owner of All, and understanding God's Economy.

TRUST - A greater level of faith in God's faithfulness to us personally and as a church;

FREEDOM - Escaping the tyranny of materialism, consumer debt, poor management, and defeat;

GENEROSITY - Giving as joyful obedience to a God who truly has our best interest at heart; and

STRATEGIC INVESTMENT - in the church's mission - with the satisfaction and rewards that come with being wise shareholders.



New Hope is launching into a new season of ministry. A new vision and renewed focus are yielding to excitement about becoming more involved with the people of Rochester's urban landscape. 

Our vision is to be a hub of life transformation that brings the hope of Jesus Christ into all four quadrants of the city. 

We know God works through people, and we intend to engage those He loves where they are at, sharing life and being real. We want to inspire hope and encourage belief in the authentic Jesus. As we do, we recognize we also need to prepare to receive people. We are also launching a capital campaign to help make improvements to our building. In March 2017, we layed out the vision, talked about God's plan for stewardship and giving, and offered specific opportunities for you to be involved. We'd love to see you join us in our mission!




As our theme verse suggests, our mandate and calling is for impact in our world. God’s Kingdom come is about action: a partnership with God to reach people in His world. We must not hide in the shadows, or blend into the landscape. We must be visible and engaged, and our building and services need to become an indispensable part of our engagement with our city. 


New Hope’s streetscape is dramatically improving. The city of Rochester is investing nearly 40 million dollars in renovations and improvements right outside our front door. In response, our building needs to be repaired and upgraded, otherwise we will stand out for the wrong reasons. It is important to be visible and invested in our city. We want our building to reflect the intentionality of our heart and commitment to serve our community. This requires upgrades and renovations inside and out.


While we want a building that attracts positive attention and serves as a welcome sight in our neighborhood, it is more than bricks and mortar. Our building should be a destination. The end goal is that people will be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ and His radical love for the community will be known to all. We want to be an instrument for life and community transformation.